Thelma & Louise…

July 30, 2016

It’s official…Mrs. Rustapalooza, aka Louise and my gal pal and partner in crime, Deb Cottle from Cottle & Co., aka Thelma, are hitting the road for the World’s Longest Yard Sale!  690 miles of pickin’ dreams-come-true!  We’ve hitched up the trailer and we’ll be posting from the road starting Tuesday, August 2nd… so be sure to join us on our adventure down Highway 127 and look for some exciting finds coming your way for Rustapalooza Fall at the Fairgrounds on September 24th!

We started off right, truck empty, trailer ready with furniture blankets, and bungees and of course we’re stylin’ while we’re driving, with our adorable hand-stamped spoon necklaces from Wild Child Studios!

 And Who Knows… maybe Telma will get lucky and find her a Brad Pitt along the way!

We're heading to the top of Ohio today and plan to work our way back down.  When the trailer is full, we'll be heading home, or maybe for a spa day first!

Are you shopping the 127 Corridor Sale too?  Send us a message and let’s meet up along the way!

(We do promise not to shoot anyone and no driving off cliffs!)