World’s Longest Yard Sale 2016 – Day 3!

August 4, 2016

Hello Ohio!

Today started bright and early from Lima, Ohio – yes Lima, like the bean, not the city in Peru!  We headed west to our starting point in Van Wert, OH.

Our first stop was a good one, we snagged this awesome, chippy big ol’ BUILDING sign


…and we traveled on south through Van Wert to one of our favorite stops of the day, Tracy’s Collectibles, where Deb scored big on some of the items she’s been looking for.   Kids chairs, galvanized buckets, a sweet wash stand and buffet, and more!


Thanks to Gene and Santa Claus for loading us up!


And, there was Vintage Pyrex for miles in this one booth!



We headed on south to Celina, OH where we stopped for some amazing lunch at a highly recommended local place called The Willow!  Burgers were amazing, and the homemade onion rings too!


Back on the road we spied this beauty!  Snatched up this great slate school chalk board and hit the road.

IMG_5134 (1)

We continued on south, Ohio had lots of great stops and so many fun things to see, these vintage pedal cars were awesome!

IMG_5120 (1)

And you have to STOP when you see a 20′ chicken! Right?


The vendors in Ohio stayed open late, way past the 5 p.m. posted sale times as shoppers were still coming.  We were headed down a steep hill making our way back to Kentucky and we looked down the side of the ridge.  Louise asked, “Hey is that a garage sale?  Or is that somebody’s yard?”     We both laughed hysterically, not before making the right turn at the bottom of the hill to find out!  It turned out to be one of the best stops of the day!

Check out this amazing mantle, and awesome folding desk!  There were glass doorknobs, a huge globe, a sweet pie safe and so much more!




As we rounded the hill to head back up to the Highway, this great old Auction sign was painted on the brick building at the end of the driveway!

IMG_5144 (1)

All in all it was a Super Fun Day, with lots of great finds!  She’s filling up!


Dirty feet are always the sign of a good day pickin’!  Ohio you were good to us!  We’ll be back!

IMG_5136-1 (1)